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About Us

About Katie Silva

sobadora    shamanic bodyworker

ceremonial space holder

song keeper    herbalist   dancer

mother   writer   teacher

I hold sacred space for beings who are ready to step into the fullness of their power and reclaim their essential wild-self, reconnect with nature and community, live their highest joy, open to love, celebrate their life and give their precious gifts to the world.

Imagine being wrapped in warm blankets, rocked in the womb of the Mother Earth, sung to, prayed over, smudged with sacred smoke from medicine trees, covered with aromatic healing plants, tended to by the healing spirits, whispered to by fairies, blessed by the ancestors, journeyed home, drummed back to your own sweet-self, brushed by bird’s wings, massaged with hot rocks and blessed by the angels while you have your feet anointed with healing oils. That is what you have to look forward to!

Distance Sessions and In-person Hood River Sessions for:






shamanic and spiritual healing

shamanic bodywork

craniosacral therapy

abdominal massage

womb healing

women’s wisdom and blood mysteries support

pre-conception, prenatal and postpartum massage

birthing preparation

parenting support

children’s healing

shamanic journeying

ancestor healing

soul retrieval ceremony

spirit guide relationship development

power animal relationship development

flower essence healing


plant spirit healing

gender exploration shamanic support

couples spiritual healing

healing for animals

I welcome people of all genders and sexual orientations.

Hablo espanol.


 Katie 1 by Camilla



About Katie’s Maya Teacher

Miss Beatrice was born on January 8th, 1948 in the village of Santa Familia, Belize where she lived all of her life.

She was a Yucateca Maya woman whose family migrated to Belize from The Yucatan region of Mexico during the caste war in the late 1800’s. Miss Beatrice was born in the caul or amniotic sac which in her culture is the sign of a seer.

Even as a young girl she was very much in touch with the spiritual world and very interested in the healing plants her father, a curandero and spiritual leader in the village, used in his healing practice. Her Grandmother and her mother were traditional midwives from whom she learned herbal remedies and massage techniques.

Later in her life she became a village healer herself relieving the physical, emotional and spiritual aches and pains in the many who came to seek her help. Miss Beatrice also taught her Maya healing ways to fortunate students all over the world, including Katie Silva.


What women say about their experience.

  • mini manijehIMG_2832From the first moment I encountered Katie I knew that she was a unique healer and her gifts, wisdom, and insight would aid my own journey significantly. Through our personal healing sessions together and her workshops I attended, I have learned so much more about who I truly am as a human and what I want to be as a woman. She has helped to open doors of perception for me that I didn’t even realize existed and changed my awareness landscape permanently.


    Manijeh Baxter – Lyle, Washington
  • Katie’s prenatal sessions fill me so completely with deep relaxation and release while giving me an opportunity to truly connect with my growing baby as well as my own feelings and intuitions. My pregnant belly craves her uterine massages and my thinking self can relax in the knowledge that I am setting the perfect stage for an ecstatic, peaceful birth. I was deeply honored to be given a Maya Ix Chel birthing ceremony led by Katie and it was truly a magical experience. My heart was so completely filled with deep love and sisterhood on a level that our current culture would like us to believe doesn’t exist. I am so grateful to her for keeping the path to “wild woman” open for all of us out there that are seeking to follow it.


    Manijeh Baxter- Lyle, Washington
  • Over the last few months of receiving abdominal massage from Katie, I have experienced deep healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. Katie is compassionate as well as comforting and I always look forward to sessions with her. I believe reconnecting with the sacred womb is one of the most healing things a woman can do for herself and the earth at this time.

    Amara Dreamer – Bend, Oregon
  • Attending one of Katie Silva’s ceremonies and/or women’s workshops is like wrapping yourself in a warm cozy blanket; nurturing, safe, and deeply satisfying. She holds space and guides from a place of deep intuitive connection with Spirit. Each time I’ve been in circle with Katie I’ve felt incredibly supported and loved. Connecting with the feminine divine and my own deep self in this space has allowed me to open up spaces in my mind, body, psyche and emotions in ways that I didn’t even know was possible and receive gifts of awareness, vision, and intuition that have completely changed my way of being and engaging in the world.

    Karen Murphy – Hood River, Oregon
  • Katie is so wonderful at what she does. In my time working with her I have come to know my body more intimately and the pain that I had experienced before my periods has almost completely left. Katie has also helped me find pieces of my self that have been in hiding and bring them back into the present. I honestly feel excited to return and work with her every time. I feel safe, empowered and cared for. I recommend working with Katie if you are on a journey into wholeness, she has the skills to help guide this on many different levels. She is a gift.

    Sara Mains – 5Rhythms Dance Teacher, White Salmon, WA



Upcoming Events

Katie offers private herbal classes and herb walks upon request.



The first Saturday of each month March -October 2017, we will gather from 10am -5pm in the Columbia River Gorge.

Take the whole series, several Saturdays or just one!

Our first class of this series will be conducted by Ann Drucker and Katie Silva and will celebrate Violet, that most wonderful plant! To see Ann’s amaing herbal and shamanic work go to

$50.00 per single day class,  $45.00 per class if you register for 3 or more and $40.00 per class if you register for the whole series.

Email Katie at or call or text 541 419 1647 to hold your spot!


I will be assisting Camilla Blossom Bishop again at her booth and class at this wonderful gathering!

register at

2016 WESTERN REDCEDAR MEDICINE CIRCLE- November 5th 2016 in Hood River 

THIS CLASS IS FULL AND HAS A WAITING LIST.. Stay tuned for similar offerings in the future

A workshop presented by Saliha Abrams and hosted by Katie Silva and Camilla Blossom.

November 5th 2017 in Hood River

contact or



About Prairie Star Meadows

Prairie Star Meadows is a nature sanctuary to enliven co-creative relationship with the native plants, nature spirits, and ancestors of the lands and to facilitate connection and healing between plants, nature spirits and people. 

Prairie star meadows is a 15 acre homestead, forest, orchard, and herb, flower and veggie garden where we live in harmony with the seasons and cycles of planting and harvesting. This land is dedicated to cultivating a deep healing relationship between plants and people and reconnecting people with the earth’s healing power!

At Prairie star we cultivate relationship with the nature spirits in the plants, trees ,water, stones and wind! We hold true that as humans our healing comes from reconnecting with the forces of nature and harmonizing ourselves with nature’s humble rhythms. We seek to see through the societal veils of illusion that tell us that we are separate from nature. We are connecting directly with the land for our physical and spiritual sustenance and we remember that we belong to the earth and that the earth provides all our basic human needs in a deep reciprocal relationship.

A main focus at prairie star is re-introducing our native Columbia River Gorge plants in honor of the natural environment, under ground water sources and the native ancestors of the land. It is a place we listen deeply to the spirit of the land and weave together a vibrant living tradition of earth based healing and healthy community!

The beautiful subtle energy of the land sparkles with magic as we honor Mother Earth’s lands, waters, plants, stones, birds, and wildlife. Instead of imposing our human will and preconceptions of what we want and how we think things should look onto the land, we let the land show us it’s true expression. We aim to listen to and work with the spirit of the land to co-create powerful healing places and relationships which serve as a teaching and a template for what others can create in their homes, gardens, and lands.



Shamanic body work blends ancient earth based healing techniques with modern licensed therapeutic massage. Shamanic bodywork integrates energy work, massage and craniosacral therapy with aromatherapy, plant spirit healing, sound healing, hot stones and shamanic healing. In a shamanic bodywork session with Katie, you will sink deeply into a safe and sacred healing space. Katie will listen with her heart, stand witness to your blossoming brilliance and wisdom, address the issues in your tissues and hold a sacred container for you that invites and allows deep and lasting healing of mind, body, soul and spirit to unfold.

photo 4

Herbal healing is an integral part of every service Katie offers. The plants are her friends, allies, healers and guides. Without them she could not do her work. Whether you receive a private session or attend a workshop or ceremony with Katie, you will have the opportunity to meet the plants and deepen your relationship with them as physical and spiritual healers. As a shamanic body-worker and trained herbalist, Katie specializes in the topical application of plants and spiritual healing with plants, including; aroma-therapy, healing herbal oils and salves, flower essences, herbal hydrotherapy and plant spirit healing. Katie has a particular affinity for the native plants of the Pacific Northwest and will guide you in your journey of coming to know the plants in your neighborhood more deeply. The plants are waiting to meet you and bring you home to yourself!

Maya Healing is a natural and spiritual system of healing that was passed down through the generations of Maya medicine families in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.

This ancient system offers profound healing for people of all ages in these modern times. Maya Healing bypasses the rational brain, taps into the healing spirit of nature and invokes deep cellular healing, paradigm shifts and the reclamation of ones essential wild and joyous self.

Katie received direct teaching and transmission from the Yucateca Maya medicine family of Miss Beatrice Torres Waight who trained her in Maya abdominal massage, Maya midwifery massage, Maya shamanic healing, Maya herbal healing and Maya ceremony. Katie also studied with Don Jose Tamay, Miss Hortence Robinson, Miss Juana Cowo, Doña Donna , Rosita Arvigo and the common Maya people in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize in the arts of Maya Healing. Katie’s Maya teachers encouraged her to share the Maya magic with as many people as possible from all cultures. She continues to send funds from her work in the US back to Maya medicine families in Belize and Mexico to support their well being and the continuation of their traditions.

Katie brings her years of training and experience along with her innate intuition to your session and compassionately holds sacred space for your unique healing journey!


As women we hold infinite creative power in our wombs. Our wombs are the center of creation and the seat of the Goddess within. In modern culture, wombs are often ignored unless they are pregnant or causing problems. Many of us carry personal, cultural and ancestral wounds in our wombs. It is time to address and heal these womb wounds so we can stand tall as happy, strong, centered and powerful women connected with joy to this sweet earth.

In Maya culture, the womb is held in a place of honor as a woman’s seat of power. The womb is understood to have a voice of her own and is tended to with reverence thru out a woman’s life with massage, herbal healing and ceremony. Katie brings this Maya magic to you and your womb. Womb healing with Katie promotes physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic womb health!

A womb healing session with Katie includes safe sacred space being held for the telling of your own womb story, physical, spiritual and energetic healing of your womb center, cranio sacral therapy and gentle abdominal massage to center, rejuvenate, heal and honor your physical womb, shamanic journeying to reclaim your womb power and simple take home suggestions on how to honor your own womb and her cycles at home.

Womb healing is wonderful for women in all stages of life whether they have a physical womb or not. Adolescence, pre-conception, major life changes,  new relationships,marriage, ending relationships, graduations, creative project birthing, divorce, pregnancy, gender transition, postpartum, menopause or wisdom years are all opportune times to receive this nurturing care.

Womb healing is beneficial anytime for deepening your relationship with yourself, balancing your life force, claiming your power as it gently promotes pelvic, reproductive and sexual health.

Ix Chel by Neta

Katie offers support and healing for mothers and babies from preconception through pregnancy, postpartum and mothering.
Utilizing Maya abdominal massage, womb healing, Maya healing, plant spirit healing and craniosacral therapy, Katie provides a safe loving space for women to be nourished, supported and tapped more deeply into their own mama wisdom within. Katie offers preconception, pregnancy and postpartum massage and Maya healing for babies and children. Katie has a special affinity for highly sensitive and gifted children who need support in navigating this over stimulating modern world.

Katie has been a mother for 29 years and holds a degree in contemplative early childhood education from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. She has many years experience raising and teaching young children and has navigated the raising of highly sensitive gifted children using shamanic, herbal and natural methods. Katie birthed her babies completely naturally with midwives and was a home birth midwife’s assistant and a doula for 7 years and has advanced training in prenatal massage.

She can help you live your truth and nourish yourself as a mother and offer healing for your children and guidance on how to support your children in being their true selves with effective plant spirit, shamanic and practical solutions.


Craniosacral Therapy (CST) evolved as a specialized branch of osteopathy. It focuses on the Craniosacral System – the membranes, fluid and bones that surround, nourish, protect and support the brain and spinal cord. The cranial bones are slightly moveable and they have a palpable movement or rhythm of their own. This is the Craniosacral Rhythm or Cranial Rhythmic Impulse. In addition to other assessment and treatment techniques available that stem from osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapists use the Craniosacral Rhythm as an assessment tool and healing opportunity.

CST is a gentle, noninvasive type of bodywork. It is a very light, nurturing touch. CST promotes mobility. In the presence of mobility the body can find its own structural balance. The body is always seeking balance. Homeostasis is not just chemical, but structural, too. CST supports you in your body to find your own healing and balance. It assists you in moving through stuck patterns on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.



Miss Beatrice’s Book

Fire Heart: The Life and Teachings of Miss Beatrice Torres Waight, In Her Own Words, as told to Katherine Silva is a direct transmission from an authentic Maya medicine woman from the rainforest of Belize, Central America. In her unique style and Belizean charm she shares her life story, her teachings, her ceremonies, her cultural traditions, her herbal knowledge and her Maya recipes with the reader in an intimate and endearing way. This book is a portal for you to enter the magical world of the Maya! When you purchase this book, you help Maya Youth in Belize to receive a quality education. All profits go to Miss Beatrice’s children and grandchildren.

Click the button below to purchase it on, or click below to contact me about wholesale discounts for bulk orders.



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I would like to meet you. It's best to text me at 541-419-1647. There are other pathways as well, see below.

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